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39 Tom Price and Duane Daski13 Alicia Phillips and Cindy Flachmeier4 Ami Schaefer, Inspired Ling's James Brassard and Maxime Suskowski5 Beth Evander and Donna Ellis6 Beth Westfall, Tony Hurt, Jeanne get spelling and Heather Dimmig7 BMW Julia and Tom Mitas8 Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Merrit HS Student Volunteer Tessa Harvey9 Brian Kennedy, Lori Reader and Ellen Kaufman11 Christine Thompson, Debbie Goode and Chasica Murray12 Cindy Flachmeier Jim and Pam Cavanaugh13 Cindy Flachmeier, Christine Sylvester and her daughter Kathrine Efkovics14 Cindy Flachmeier, Joe Lazar, Agnes Day and Alicia Phillips15 Cindy Kinney and Fl Todays Angelique Bonadio16 Craig Industries Carol Craig and Company Pres. Mark Mikolajczyk17 David and Nancy Hastings with Arty Pagan18 Event Hosts Rich and Barbi Miller with Tony and Becky Hurt19 Gloria Rossi and Cyndi Gilbert20 Holly Daski, Shelly Berry, Patty Eubank and Dawn Stuckey21 James Roberts and Judge Rhonda Babb